Cremation Options

More and more people are choosing cremation services as an alternative to a traditional burial service. Tippecanoe Memory Gardens offers a wide range of choices that allow you to choose the type of service that you find most meaningful. Looking for Ground Burial Options? Click here.

Cremation Service in West Lafayette, Indiana


Cremation usually includes some form of funeral ceremony or memorial service. A service plays an important role in the healing process for family and friends.  At TMG, you have the choice of using one of our mausoleum chapels, and soon, our new TMG Funeral Chapel, breaking ground this year.

If you’ve been thinking about cremation, you’re not alone. The number of people in Indiana choosing cremation has risen to almost 40 percent. Not sure what to do with cremated remains? TMG offers many options for remembering your loved one, including cremation lots, niches in a mausoleum, cremation benches and private estate niche areas, all at affordable prices.

Mausoleum | Tippecanoe Memory Gardens, Funeral & Cremation Services | West Lafayette, Indiana


A mausoleum is simply a large building designed to provide above-ground interment (or entombment) for a number of unrelated people. Sharing the cost of the mausoleum with other individuals has made it an affordable and attractive option for many.

Tippecanoe Memory Gardens, Funeral & Cremation Services built the Lafayette area’s first mausoleum in 1968 which included the cemetery’s first chapel.  Several additions were made to that building before the second mausoleum, the Chapel of Faith, was constructed. Our newest mausoleum is now under construction. Call our Family Service Counselors at (765) 463-2383 to learn more about pre-construction savings, and other mausoleum options.

Cremation Jewelry | Tippecanoe Memory Gardens, Funeral & Cremation Services | West Lafayette, IN

Cremation Jewelry

For those families that memorialize their loved one at home, we have the area’s largest selection of take-home memorial products—including items made with the actual ashes of your loved one. Ask about our cremation jewelry, glass art objects, water fountains, and benches. You can also have their fingerprint or handwriting engraved on necklaces, rings, bracelets and other keepsakes, such as a pocket knife or bracelet. Ask one of our Cremation Specialists to show you the many options available that your family will cherish or call (765) 463-2383.

Cremation concerns in West Lafayette, IN

Cremation Concerns

Tippecanoe Memory Gardens, Funeral & Cremation Services addresses the Top 4 cremation concerns of the Greater Lafayette area. Families are usually concerned about price, where to have a meaningful ceremony, and what to do with cremated remains. We have some answers here.