It's Not What You Get for $1,295.

It's What You Don't Get That Counts.

Cremation for $1,295 from Simple Cremation Marion sounds like a really great price.

Their $1,295 cremation is a severely limited service cremation. In fact, we are happy to offer it to you at the same price.  A $1,295 cremation doesn’t include five key services you might need but don’t realize you’re not getting. 

Can you get those five services at Simple Cremation? Yes, but you will pay $2,495, which is more than you would at five other area funeral homes for those same services. 

Many people who make arrangements for a loved one are doing it for the first time, and we realize pricing can be confusing.  Just because a price is lower, doesn’t mean you are getting the exact type of service you might get at another funeral home. If you want more than a limited cremation, here’s a true “apples to apples” comparison:

Gardens of Memory Cemetery True Cremation Prices

What’s Not Included in Their $1,295 Offer

Here’s what you don’t get when you use Simple Cremation’s basic offering:

  1. No meeting at the funeral home or with the funeral director. You must arrange and pay for everything online.
  2. No Final Viewing. No chance to say, “Goodbye” and positively identify your loved one.
  3. No dressing and other preparations necessary for a viewing.
  4. No Keepsake Jewelry.
  5. No Marion funeral home. They operate out of a storefront on Green River Road. The actual funeral home Koehler is in Booneville at completely different prices! There is no $1,295 offering on the Boonville price list!

Apples to Apples

At Graceland, we will show you all the area price lists. Not only that, we’ll meet any price in town with our Price Guarantee, as long as the price quote is published and publicly available.

Call Gardens of Memory today at 765-664-1652 to get honest prices and great service for less.

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