How are you managing all of the decisions that need to be addressed after a loved one passes away? It can be a challenging experience to say goodbye and plan a funeral at the same time. You need to give yourself the time and support that is needed to work through the grief and consider the desires of the deceased. The best thing that you can do is call a family-owned funeral home in the Newburgh, IN area: Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Cremation Center & Cemetery.

Why a Family-Owned Funeral Home for Cremation Services in Newburgh, Indiana?

If you desire to have the body cremated, why should you choose a full-service funeral home? Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from the cremation services that we offer:

  • Competitive Pricing: Compare the cost of cremation with all of the funeral homes in the area, and you will see that our prices are lower than the competitors. Plus, we offer full transparency with the pricing by listing the details here on our website.
  • Quality Care: Funeral and cremation services are more than basic logistical support. Your family needs support and care during this challenging time. A full-service funeral home will handle the details of the cremation, and also look for other ways that we can lift your burden.
  • Funeral or Memorial Services: In most situations, families don’t want a standalone cremation. Instead, the desire is to lay the body to rest with cremation, plus schedule the funeral or memorial for the family to attend. A full-service funeral home can address all of the details that are needed before, during, and after the cremation.
  • Flexibility with the Resting Place: Cremations make it possible to have the body buried in a cemetery if you prefer. Or, you can choose another location that will suit the preferences of your family. Talk to our team about the many options that are offered for the location where your family member will be laid to rest.

There’s no doubt that you will experience many benefits if you choose cremation. But, you need to talk to your family members to determine the right funeral service that will match your goals.

Honoring the Life and Desires of the Deceased

Newburgh Cremation ServiceSometimes, a person has a chance to design a funeral plan while they are alive. These details will be provided to family members, making it easy to know the wishes of the deceased. At the same time, there are many situations where a person passes away without a funeral plan. So, the family faces the challenges of choosing funeral services based on their assumptions about the loved one.

What would the person have desired for their funeral or cremation? The goal is to showcase the achievements and unique life experiences that were enjoyed by the person. At the same time, a funeral or memorial provides a place where friends and family members can meet together.

If the deceased requested cremation, then it is an obvious choice for the situation. Even if the person didn’t specify their desires, cremation might be the right solution. This service provides flexibility so that you can choose a final resting place that matches the personality of the deceased.

Memorialization or Legacy After Someone Passes Away

After the cremation is complete, you will receive the ashes. Then, you can choose the way the ashes should be laid to rest. You don’t have to leave the ashes in a distant location. Instead, consider local options that give you a place to visit when you want to reflect on the memory of your loved one.

For example, some families want to keep the ashes close to home in an urn or memorial container. Or, a garden or tree can be planted in honor of the person, with the ashes spread through the roots of the plants. Another option is to select a biodegradable urn so that the person can be laid to rest over the water.

If you want to combine the traditional services with cremation, then you might choose to have the ashes buried in the cemetery. As a result, you can visit a headstone and leave flowers on the grave as desired.

Emergency Services and Funeral Pre-Planning

At Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Cremation Center & Cemetery, we understand that sometimes funerals need to be scheduled unexpectedly. So, we offer 24/7 support to ensure that you have the care that is needed, regardless of the time of day or night. You are invited to contact our team any time if you have questions about the ways that we can support.

For more information about cremations in Newburgh, IN, you should contact us to schedule a consultation. Come to Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Cremation Center & Cemetery: 1800 St George Rd, Marion, IN 47711. Or, call at your convenience to discuss the services that are offered: (765) 664-1652